Height Adjustable Standing Desk Handset


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AOKE Handset TDH18P-1294-001
TDH18P-1294-001 is a controller designed for standing desks, which can be installed on the front side of the desktop.
“Up” and “Down” buttons to control the rise and fall of the desk.
3-digit monitor to display the current desktop height in real-time.
2 sets of memory functions, can remember the four heights you are used to, and it is easier to lift and lower with one key.
It can be paired with a Bluetooth accessory – TWD1, and you can directly control the lift and height of the table from your mobile phone through the app – “STAND UP PLS”.
TDH18P-1294-001 provides 2 USB charging ports and a security lock button, effectively preventing accidental touch and protecting the safety of family members and furniture.

Product Description

  • Memory Function: 1/2
  • Available Buttons: 5
  • Digit Display
  • Bluetooth Adapter
  • USB
  • Lock
  • Side with buttons:108*36*15mm
  • Side connected to the desktop:90*45*26mm
  • Wire length: 1m, wire diameter: 5mm
  • Temperature resistance: 80℃, Voltage resistance: 30V