Work From Home Standing Desk Handset


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AOKE Handset TDH19P
TDH19P is a hand controller specially designed for the standing desk of glass desktop. It can be directly installed on the front side of the table.
Through the built-in touch sensor, you can control the movement of the table up and down on the glass table top.
Safety lock button, effectively prevent accidental touch and protect the safety of family members and furniture.
TDH19P provides 2 USB charging ports, 3-digit display to display the desktop height and 4 sets of memory functions, which can meet this type of standing desk design.

Product Description

      • Maximum number of buttons supported: 6
      • 3 – bit display displays desktop height
      • 4 sets of memory function
      • Touch control
      • Can be installed on the front side of the table
      • Provide two USB slot and safety lock button
      • Side with buttons:143*68*44mm
      • Side of USB charger:26*68mm
      • Length of wire connected to control box:1m
      • Length of wire connected to wireless charger: 0.7m
      • Temperature resistance: 80℃, Voltage resistance: 300V