Enjoy a more health-conscious workspace.
As a global designer and manufacturer of office furniture, AOKE provides ergonomic furniture solutions using linear actuators, lifting columns, height adjustable desks, and other high quality ergonomic office accessories.

Our innovative R&D department continually innovates new products beginning with design for manufacturing, assembly, and ergonomics. We assure quality is built into the products from the start. Finally, our quality inspection department assures high levels of quality control. With a strict commitment to “Green, Health, and Comfort”, AOKE is devoted to supplying high quality products at competitive prices, backed by our reputation of excellent customer service to our clients, worldwide.

Standing Desk Solution Manufacturer


Aoke is a global manufacturer of sit stand desk frame, desk lifting columns, height adjustable standing desk converters, monitor arm mount, etc.  Our designers can help you build a flexible home and office structural design requirement that fits your individual needs.

Various Standing Desk Solution

Browse our most popular adjustable desks and converters, including single motor sit-stand desk base, dual-motor stand up desk base, corner standing table frame, manual standing desk frame, and electric sit stand desk converter.

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Why Choose Aoke
  • 9 Years Manufacturer

    We are expert at manufacturing height-adjustable desks.


    We can customize the products our customers want.

  • R&D Department

    AOKE has a professional R&D group of over 30 engineers and technicians.

  • Large Workshop

    Over 710,000 sq.ft. factory area equipped with high-end equipment.

  • Efficient Production

    3 automated assembly lines, 12 laser-cutting machines, 10 robot welding machines, 2 powder coating lines.

  • Localized Engineering Solution

    We provide professional and localized engineering solutions on custom.

  • Highly Customized

    Aoke’s Strong R&D strength allows our customers to change product designs and components flexibly, both in function and appearance.

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AOKE provides world class OEM services available to meet clients’ needs.


If you have any questions, please get in touch with us right away. We are ready to assist 24/7. We welcome your cooperation and we will develop with you.

  • Factory-direct Connectivity Solutions.
  • High quality, Competitive Price.
  • Custom-tailored solutions.
  • Problem-solving approach.