Monitor Arm


The adjustable monitor arm can be used for a fixed height or standing desk, which is an excellent way to achieve an ergonomic working style. The monitor desk mount allows you to place the computer screen at any position and angle, thereby keeping their shoulders, neck, and back away from pain. Generally, monitor arms have the following functions:

Height adjustable
When you feel sore back and want to work standing up. You only need to hold the monitor with your hand, then you can adjust the height of the monitor arm mount at will.

Adjustable display distance
When you feel uncomfortable with your eyes and want to keep the monitor away from you. Just like adjusting the height of the monitor mount, you only need to hold the monitor and push it back. When the screen is too far to see clearly, you can pull it back.

Rotatable visual angle
Generally, monitors display content horizontally, but some types of work need to display more content vertically, such as programmers and text workers. Using our monitor desk mount, you can easily rotate the monitor 90 degrees. If you need to share the screen content with other colleagues, our monitor can also rotate 360 degrees horizontally so that everyone can see the screen content.

Tiltable display
If you need to adjust the visual angle of the monitor so that you can see the content more clearly, you can hold the monitor with your hand, and then adjust the required angle backward or forward. Some of our models can provide a tilt angle of 200 degrees. If you want to know more details, please send us an inquiry, and we will reply to you within 24 hours.

The monitor holder arm can generally be divided into single monitor arms, dual monitor arms, and triple monitor arms. From the literal meaning, one, two, and three monitors can be installed respectively. When you purchase monitor arm desk mounts from us, you can choose the right model according to the applications.

As a professional monitor arm manufacturer and supplier, since 2012, Aoke has designed and manufactured ergonomic workspace solutions with a wide range of applications for global companies, providing a comfortable and healthy working environment for offices and homes. We have more favorable wholesale prices and more secure after-sales service. Send us an inquiry to get more industry and product information.


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