Electric Desk-on-Desk


The standing desk converter, also known as a standing desk riser, is a product that is placed on the desk to change the way of working, allowing you to work while standing. If you like your existing desk, don’t want to throw it away or the space in your room is not large enough to put in a new height adjustable standing office desk. You can turn your attention to the sit stand desk converter, a more favorable option, and you can stand work anytime, anywhere.

The standing desk converter can generally be divided into an electric (motorized) sit stand desk converter and a pneumatic standing desk converter. As the name implies, the electric desk riser uses electricity to control the height of the converter without your effort.

Electric desk converter has a larger load-bearing capacity
Nowadays, people are equipped with multiple monitors in pursuit of visual experience or improvement of work efficiency. Of course, you should consider a sit stand desk electric converter, not only because it is difficult to adjust the height of the manual desk converter, but also because the structure of the motorized height adjustable standing desk converter is more stable and has a larger load-bearing capacity.

Adjusting the converter height is more convenient
When you feel back pain, just press and hold the up button on the converter, and you can wait for the desktop to rise automatically. When you stand tired and want to sit again, just press and hold the down button, and the desktop will lower. Is it very simple, you can get a healthy office solution without additional effort.

The Aoke standing desk converter allows you to get a healthier way of working. The quality of our standing desk frames and desk converters is guaranteed. All products have passed UL962, CE, BIFMA, FCC, ROHS, EN527, CMC, CAS, SAA, GS, and other certifications. As a professional electric standing desk converter manufacturer, our electric riser desks are specially designed for a healthier working style, ensuring that you have a stable workstation(whether sitting or standing) that can operate reliably in the next few years.


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