Our Service

At AOKE, we offer ODM/OEM customized B2B product solutions specific to your business's order requirements. Our tailored engineering services, including office workspace design, commercial retail, tender bids from institutions, and office furniture distribution projects, are backed by our experienced R&D team. With our US-based subsidiary and two locations in the Netherlands and Thailand, AOKE is capable of handling projects anywhere globally, ensuring tailored solutions for any working situation. Partner with us to achieve project success or expand your market.

AOKE is a leading manufacturer of ergonomic office furniture, catering to both domestic and international clients. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, AOKE excels in undertaking diverse projects, meeting clients' specific needs perfectly. Their high-quality products, innovative designs, and attention to detail have earned them a reputation for excellence. This commitment to delivering exceptional furniture solutions has resulted in long-term client relationships and high customer participation.