Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Handset


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AOKE Handset TDH6
TDH6 is a classic controller designed for standing desks, which can be installed on the front side of the desktop.
“Up” and “Down” buttons to control the rise and fall of the desk. 3-bit monitor to display the current desktop height in real-time.
4 sets of memory functions, which can remember the four heights you are used to, and it is easier to lift and lower with one key.
Simple to operate and easy to use.

Product Description

      • Maximum number of buttons supported: 7
      • Shell color: black
      • The side cover: black
      • Other options: anti-pull casing
      • 3 – bit display displays the desktop height
      • 4 sets of memory function
      • A classic controller designed for height adjustable
      • Enables desk’s height adjusted by phone directly.
      • Can be installed on the front side of the table
      • Side with buttons:150*33.67*15.92mm
      • Side connected to table top:150*30*10mm
      • Temperature resistance: 80℃, Volatage resistance: 30V
      • Wire length: 1.5m, wire diameter: 5mm