Manual Crank Adjustable Desk


The hand crank standing desk frame will be more economical and affordable. As the name suggests, it can adjust the height of the table frame at will without using a motor or power supply. The working principle of the crank desk base is to turn the vertical gear through the handle to drive the rotation of the horizontal gear. The rotation of the horizontal gear drives the vertical screw rod in the desk frame to rotate, which drives the table to rise and fall.

Manual standing desk frames can change height without the need for motors, electronics, or power cords. The advantage is that it is more cost-effective than an electric sit to stand adjustable desk riser frame and takes up less space. However, the disadvantage is that the manual height adjustable desk frame has a slower adjustment speed and requires the user to spend more effort to raise and lower the height of the table frame by rotating the crank.

The crank adjustable desk frame allows users to easily switch between sitting and standing positions. It adjusts your workstation to an ergonomic height through a simple, labor-saving crank system. Aoke’s stable table frame design ensures that you can adjust the height of sit stand desk steadily and smoothly.

The advantages of electric standing desk frames are also applicable to manual crank standing desk frames because their core functions are all adjustable standing systems. Although they have different ways of adjusting the height of the table frame, the main function is similar, that is, the height of the table can be adjusted. This adjustable standing system means that both types of design are ergonomic.

Aoke is the industry’s leading manufacturer and supplier of hand crank standing desk frames. We are committed to providing high-quality and durable standing desk frames for companies all over the world. Aoke focuses on the B2B market and has a stand up desk frame factory that can produce more than 15,000 adjustable table frames per month. Contact us to start your new business now!


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