Pneumatic Adjustable Desk


Pneumatic working methods are often used on pump chairs and sitting and standing desks, which are essential equipment for a healthy working style. The working principle of the pneumatic standing desk frame is similar to that of the pump chairs we use daily, mainly by using the nitrogen spring to adjust the height of the desk base when pressing the handle. Its raising speed is fast, but its stability is not as good as a motorized sit stand desk base.


Compared with electric desk frames, pneumatic desk frames move 8 times faster, not only can achieve a smooth height adjustment, but also do not require a power supply, and there is no crank that rotates laboriously. When you want to raise the height of the table base, you only need to press the handle to raise the adjustable desk frame. When you want to lower the table frame, you need to press the handle again and press the table down with your hand to lower the height of the table.

Pneumatic height adjustable desk frames have fewer components than electric sit stand bases, so compared to the high damage rate of electric desk motors, pneumatic desk frames will have fewer repairs. As a standing desk base manufacturer with 10 years of production experience, the pneumatic frames manufactured by Aoke can be used for 30 years with peace of mind.

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