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AOKE is a global market leader in designing and manufacturing a diverse range of ergonomic office solutions, including standing desks, desk converters, monitor arms, mobile pedestals, and other office accessories. Established in 2012, we operate from a sprawling 710,000 sq. ft. factory featuring cutting-edge production facilities such as laser-cutters, robotic welders, and automatic CNC bending machines, all of which are backed by our state-of-the-art inspection laboratory. Our focus on precision manufacturing and quality assurance guarantees high-efficiency production processes, resulting in superior-quality products for our discerning customers. With offices in the Netherlands, Thailand, the United States, and Foshan, China, AOKE is strategically placed to offer uninterrupted customer service worldwide. Our well-trained R&D team, expansive production capacity, and professional sales teams provide comprehensive support to empower customers globally towards achieving a healthier workspace.

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AOKE milestone
  • 2021
    Created its own electrical R&D team to provide more comprehensive ergonomic intelligent office solutions And cooperate with Timotion, a leading international brand in the actuator industry, will have further development in medical applications. In addition, AOKE will create its own technical team and laboratory abroad to provide more convenient and high quality services to customers, and will soon establish its own showrooms and warehouses in Chicago and Dallas, USA
  • 2020
    Established a new production line of movable cabinets covering an area of about 2000m²
    Introduced 60 new production machines, and the monthly output of lift tables has reached 70,000 sets/month
    Built our own 27,000 square foot warehouse system in the US
    Set up product showroom in the U.S.
    Global annual sales exceeded 600 million RMB
  • 2019
    AOKE and esi became partners, AOKE’s US subsidiary Global was officially established, becoming the first company with GEGA certificate in China’s lift table industry, attending NationalErgonomics Conference&ErgoExpo for the first time
  • 2018
    Factory area expanded to 45,000m²
    AOKE and Staples entered into the first cooperation
  • 2017
    AOKE’s annual output value reached USD 20 million
    AOKE Europe branch AOKE-Europe was officially established
    AOKE Southeast Asia’s Thailand branch AOKE-Asia was officially established
  • 2016
    AOKE reached the first cooperation with Baster
    Attended the International Furniture Exhibition in Las Vegas, USA for the first time
    AOKE’s factory expanded to 10,000 square meters and annual output reached $10 million
  • 2015
    AOKE reached the first cooperation with Autonomous, and also became the exclusive strategic cooperation partner of Timotion.
    AOKE’s factory was expanded to 1000 square meters and the annual output value reached USD 5 million
  • 2014
    AOKE entered into the first cooperation with Bristol
    AOKE entered into the first cooperation with Rockmart.
  • 2013
    AOKE’s factory was expanded to 500 square meters.
    The annual output value reached 500,000 USD, Aoke and Europlan reached the first cooperation
  • 2012
    Ningbo AOKE Office Equipment Co. was officially established
    First time to participate in Chicago Interior Design and Office Furniture Exhibition in USA (Basically every year since then)
    First time to participate in the International Office Furniture Exhibition in Cologne, Germany