Quality is always AOKE’s 1st priority
we have:
  • Great quality from practical designs

    When developing new products, our experienced R&D team not only meets the customer’s requirements for appearance and performance, but also combines actual production and practical experience to develop long-lasting and cost-effective, best-in-class quality products.

  • Comprehensive quality management system

    We are ISO 9001:2019 Quality Management System certified and have established a variety of rigorous procedures, such as procurement control, warehouse management systems, new product development processes, quality assurance and quality control standards. All of these efforts allow us to confidently stand by warrantees and guarantee consistent, high quality products.

  • Production automation ensures consistent and stable, high quality.

    To ensure consistent quality, our factory is equipped with state-of-the art automated production equipment, such as laser-cutters, robotic welding, powder coating lines, CNC bending, and integrated automatic packaging assembly lines.

  • Multiple tests ensure high-quality standards

    Our laboratory has invested in a variety of cutting-edge inspection and testing equipment. We continually perform Quality Control testing such as displacement tests, noise tests, vibration testing, structural load-bearing tests, fatigue tests, packaging drop testing, etc. for each batch of products.

  • Supply Chain strategy

    AOKE has established exclusive strategic relationships with suppliers such as TiMotion, the first name in Asian motors and lifting systems. This attention to incoming components ensures outgoing products meet or exceed our customer’s needs. Our table bases are known for their stable movement, quiet operation, long life span (5-year warranty) and excellent customer satisfaction.

  • Localized service controls quality and after-sales support

    To improve local service to customers, we have established a wholly-owned subsidiary in the United States with quality control and after-sales customer service. Throughout the world we have offices and warehouses to meet client needs. We respond quickly and effectively to solve any issues that arise.