Single Motor Standing Table
  • Ultra-thin, large desktop space.
  • Optimal motor, stable lifting without shaking.
  • Silent lifting, less than 50db.
  • Cold-rolled steel structure for greater load-bearing.
  • Adjustable height of 710-1120mm.
  • 1150-1160mm desktop width.
  • One table for “the whole family”.
    Dual Motor Height Adjustable Desk
  • Simple and stylish table frame design.
  • Larger and more comfortable desk space.
  • More suitable for office and home.
  • Bring a comfortable office environment.
  • Equipped with an intelligent lifting function.
  • One key to sit and stand working alternately.
  • Invisible wiring, conceal the wires into the table body.
  • 3-stage lifting, 640mm-1290mm.
  • Intelligent memory function, one key to adjust the height.
  • Anti-kick corners to ensure your safety.
    Corner Sit Stand Desk
  • The L-shaped lifting table breaks through the conventional design.
  • Ergonomically designed table frame curvature and accessories.
  • The three-column design has better load-bearing capacity.
  • The stability of the three columns is excellent.
  • Double the office space to bring you a more comfortable experience.
  • More in line with workplace attitudes.
    Hand Crank Standing Desk
  • In line with the concept of low-carbon environmental protection.
  • No electricity, more environmentally friendly.
  • Invisible rocker, shrink and fold.
  • Cold-rolled steel table frame, not easy to deform.
  • Smoother surface spraying process.
  • The rounded corners are polished to prevent daily bumps.
  • Stable and smooth without shaking, rising and lowering at a constant speed.
  • The maximum load-bearing capacity is 80kg, which is suitable for daily use.
  • The slope is anti-kicking and protects the safety of family members.
    Pneumatic Stand up Desk
  • Modern design, wooden table top combined with steel table frame.
  • Pneumatic lifting to meet your needs for fine adjustment of height.
  • It only takes a few seconds to adjust the height.
  • The lifting sound is lower than the keyboard sound.
  • Stable load-bearing, maximum load-bearing 100kg.
  • The desktop has undergone 20,000 stress tests, which fully meets office/home use.
  • The corners of the table are polished to make it more comfortable to the touch.
    Electric Stand up Desk Converter
  • The countertop is large enough to keep the items orderly.
  • The design is simple and convenient for mouse movement.
  • Hand-carried design, no effort to carry.
  • X-shaped design vertical and stable lifting.
  • Multi-scene application, where the person is, the workbench is.
    Pneumatic Sit And Stand Desk Converter
  • Using cold-rolled steel plate, the bilateral X-shaped structure is more stable.
  • Easily hold up daily office items to meet your needs.
  • A healthy office is around, comfort equals efficiency.
  • The details are better, and the craftsmanship is designed.
  • The card slot design is convenient for mobile phones and tablets.
  • With a USB interface, it is convenient to charge mobile devices.
  • It occupies a small space and is suitable for light office.
  • No installation, you can work in a healthy way at any time.