Adjustable Height Workstation Handset


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AOKE Handset TDH20P-1294-002
TDH20P-1294-002 is a controller designed for standing desks, which can be installed on the front side of the desktop.
It supports 2 USB charging ports, allowing users to directly charge their handheld devices without purchasing additional accessories.
It also offers a 3-digit display to show desk height, 3 sets of memory positions, and a security lock function.
TDH20P-1294-002 provides users with another flexible option for the handset of the standing desk.

Product Description

  • Maximum number of buttons supported: 5
  • Shell color: black; The side cover: black
  • Other options: anti-pull casing
  • 3 – bit display displays desktop height
  • 3 sets of memory function
  • Provide two USB slot and safety lock button
  • Can be installed on the front side of the desk
  • Wire length: 1m
  • Controller designed for height adjustable desk