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Nowadays, white-collar workers spend more and more time sitting in the office every day, and they are more likely to have physical problems. Many companies have begun to pay attention to the health of their employees and consider new working styles. The best option is to wholesale a number of sit-stand desks or height adjustable desk frames so that workers can switch to standing work at any time.

As a professional manufacturer of stand-up desk frames, Aoke provides a variety of automatic standing desk systems for offices and homes, and customers can purchase from us according to their specific needs. If the products on our website cannot meet your needs, you can contact us to describe your needs in detail, and our engineer team will reply to your inquiry within 24 hours.


Various Production Lines of Adjustable Desk Frame

You can choose from our wide range of products to meet the specific needs of companies or individuals. Aoke provides China standing desk frames suitable for office or home applications:

In addition to different product lines of standing table frames, we also provide a variety of custom designs to meet the ultimate ergonomic workspace solution. You can send an inquiry to us for a detailed solution.


How Important of Standing Desk Frames

The metal sit stand desk frame is the most important part of the adjustable desk system. The height of the table frame can be adjusted, which is convenient for the staff to adjust their standing and sitting posture at any time; the width of the standing desk base can also be adjusted, so that customers can choose different sizes of desktops according to the actual situation.

Aoke maintains a good cooperative relationship with many ergonomic furniture manufacturers around the world, allowing us to design and manufacture more ergonomic sit and stand desk frames based on user experience.

Why Choose Aoke as Your Standing Desk Base Supplier

Aoke is a professional sit-stand desk base manufacturer and supplier with 10 years of experience in China. Our aim is to provide customers with high-quality and highly customized adjustable desk bases.

When global companies want to find a trustworthy business partner to provide them with high-quality adjustable standing desk bases, Aoke will show our utmost sincerity to meet the needs of many parties. Our team has extensive experience and can help you find the perfect ergonomic working solution. If you want to customize your height adjustable table base, you can contact us.

Each Aoke standing table base has undergone rigorous product testing before leaving the factory to ensure durability and long service life, requiring minimal or zero maintenance. Our automatic stand-up desk bases are equipped with an anti-collision system. When the table is lowered, if it encounters an obstacle, it will automatically stop moving, effectively avoiding the customer\’s property from being damaged.

Standing Desk Solutions

Aoke is committed to providing highly customized workstation solutions to users around the world.

Our one-stop standing desk solution service can provide customers with many products, including sit stand frame only, adjustable standing desk converter, adjustable monitor arm mount, CPU holder, mobile pedestal, cable tray, etc.

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Install Frames in Just a Few Steps

Our pre-assembled adjustable desk base allows clients to start using their new desk with only a few simple operations. Each desk base frame package includes all the necessary components, electric lifting column, handset, control box, cable tray, and assembly hardware.

Buyers can choose a variety of colors and sizes of standing table bases, and can also be equipped with different styles of columns and control boxes. Contact us for more customized desk frame information.

Grow Your Business by Expanding into New Markets

Choosing a professional standing desk frame manufacturer can help you quickly enter the modern ergonomic healthy furniture market.

  • If you are a traditional furniture manufacturer, as long as you choose the Aoke stand-up desk frame, you can use your existing market channels to quickly expand the healthy furniture market.
  • If you are a well-known company, we can design and manufacture a stand-up desk system with a unique style to help you seize a new market share.
  • If you are an e-commerce company selling online, choose our sit stand table frame and choose a suitable desktop to quickly seize the internet market.

We know that first-class quality and competitive price are important factors to win more shares in the market. Aoke is one of the most professional height adjustable desk frame manufacturers and suppliers in China, mainly specialized in wholesale service. Welcome to buy height adjustable table frames from our factory.


If you have any questions, please get in touch with us right away. We are ready to assist 24/7. We welcome your cooperation and we will develop with you.

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