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At school, kids are expected to sit at their desks for long periods. But did you know that kids standing desks could provide a healthier and more productive learning environment? Kids standing desks, or other ergonomic kids’ school desks, are becoming more popular as a way to combat poor posture, inactivity, and other physical and mental issues that can affect a child’s ability to learn. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of kids standing at desks in school and why every child deserves a better learning environment.

What are Sit-Stand Desks?

Adjustable desks provide a versatile seating alternative that allows for both sitting and standing positions through an extensive adjustable height range, offering ergonomic support.

Using sit stand desks allow students to switch between sitting and standing positions during the day, decreasing the amount of time they spend sitting and increasing both their comfort and productivity.

Now that we’ve established why chairs matter, we can start to understand why desks matter. And we’ll look at a few ways we can improve how we’re using the space you have.

Those who have attempted to work or learn with a laptop resting on their lap are familiar with the struggle. Our ancestors must have grown weary of carving into their laps, and thus ingeniously constructed the initial iteration of a desk by combining pieces of wood. From that moment on, desks became a staple for writing, drawing, studying, conceptualizing designs, and accommodating our personal computers.

Desks offer more than just a surface to work on; they offer a designated space for studying and a location that we link with education – somewhere that makes it easier for us to concentrate on our tasks.

Face to Face Standing Desk

The Top Pros of This Ergonomic Standing Desks

Sit Stand desks were created with the purpose of battling prolonged periods of being inactive. This is generally observed in schools where students have to concentrate and remain seated. However, restraining pupils from changing their posture and being mobile could have a counterproductive effect.

Sit stand desks not only provide physical benefits that enhance significant health aspects such as inactivity, hypertension, and elevated body mass index, they also offer several essential behavioural advantages in a classroom environment that can ultimately improve learning outcomes for students.

Research has shown that incorporating sit stand desks in classrooms brings about favorable results in terms of student engagement and emotional impact. This includes better focus and reduced restlessness, as evidenced by a study conducted over a two-week period, involving over one-third of students who reported experiencing heightened engagement, attention, and reduced boredom and tiredness.

Students can customize their learning experience according to their current situation by utilizing sit-stand desks. This innovative seating methodology encourages students to switch positions and explore different settings to enhance their comfort and maintain focus. By doing so, they can significantly improve their level of engagement in the academic curriculum and achieve optimal efficiency in the learning process.

Sit stand desks offer a solution to curb classroom disruptions by allowing students to expel excess energy and refresh their minds to absorb new knowledge.

What Advantages Does Sit-Stand Desks Bring to Students

The Sit Stand desks aim to counteract prolonged periods of sitting. Such behavior is often observed in educational settings where pupils are expected to concentrate while seated. Ironically, restricting students from changing their position and being stationary can have adverse effects.

Sit stand desks not only offer physical benefits like mitigating health risks such as inactivity, high blood pressure, and high body mass indexes but also have the propensity for augmenting the behavioral advantages in a classroom scenario that can subsequently establish a positive impact on students’ learning outcomes.

According to research, the implementation of sit stand desks has generated various benefits in students such as better focus and reduced restlessness in classrooms. Interestingly, over 33% of students who used these types of desks for a duration of two weeks noticed improvements in their level of engagement, concentration, and energy levels during class.

The classroom can be transformed by the introduction of sit stand desks, enabling students to customize their learning approach to their individual requirements. This innovative seating option inspires learners to adjust their posture for maximum relaxation, resulting in heightened engagement with course content, and greater productivity and focus.

Sit stand desks offer a solution to reduce disruptive behavior as they offer an opportunity for students to release excess energy, stay active, and re-engage with learning.

How to Incorporate Standing Desks in the Classroom

Although it is not mandatory, nor advisable to exchange all desks for sit-stand desks, it is crucial to provide these desks as an alternative seating choice in any forward-thinking and adaptable classroom.

For a successful integration of sit stand desks in your classroom, we suggest taking it one step at a time. It’s best to begin by introducing a small number of temporary sit stand desks. This way, you could evaluate how your students will fare in this different seating arrangement. These sit stand desks are designed to be portable and space-saving, making them perfect for activities that require students’ undivided attention for an extended period such as presentations, lectures, and discussions.

By implementing this method, students can effortlessly reduce their prolonged sitting tendencies without causing any disruption to the learning environment.

Pupils are expected to have an unobstructed view of others seated, thus prompting these desks – which switch from sitting to standing – to be located at the rear of the class. If research indicating the advantages pupils may derive from using such desks is noted, more of them should be brought into the learning environment.

How Standing Desks Improves Student Focus & Engagement

A standing desk aids in enhancing concentration that results in improved productivity for both students and teachers. In a classroom, standing while studying has the potential to make students alert and attentive. As a result of increased blood flow caused by standing, their cognitive ability improves, leading to better thinking as a whole. A prolonged period of standing while studying can provide excellent results in improving cognitive skills.

Incorporating standing desks in schools can prove to be fruitful. The reason being, if these desks increase productivity among corporate workers, then it is reasonable to assume that they can have a similar positive impact on students as well!

Standing desks can enhance the performance of students, particularly the younger ones, by stimulating more movement and promoting proper blood flow and circulation to the brain. Improved concentration can lead to superior outcomes.

In addition, standing desks have the potential to foster greater student involvement. Education isn’t solely about academic knowledge. Interpersonal abilities and communication with fellow students and instructors can help students build self-assurance and practical abilities that might benefit them in the long run. When students stand, they’re more likely to feel at ease, and this might lead to more open and inventive perspectives. Similarly, group projects can be completed with ease using standing desks as they can be shifted effortlessly, allowing team members to work in close proximity to each other.

Sitting for extended hours can drain students of their energy, resulting in a dull and exhausted demeanor. Revitalizing their mood and re-energizing their mental faculties is possible by encouraging them to stand up intermittently. With the help of environmental facilitation, students can be motivated to participate more actively. By enhancing their vitality and boosting their sensory acuity, they can more effortlessly participate and anticipate reaping lifelong advantages.

team work

Putting Standing Desks in Schools will Help Kids Have Better Posture

In reality, it’s not just adults who can suffer from postural issues and back and neck problems. Children are also vulnerable to these conditions.

Prolonged periods of sitting in a slouched or forward-hunched position can result in various posture-related problems. Whether you are at work, school, or any other place, sitting for extended duration can be detrimental to your posture. It can cause several issues, including spinal misalignment, spine curvature, back pain, and neck pain.

A rise in the number of children with bad posture has been observed by chiropractors. Since children are in the process of growth and development, this poses a significant issue.

By using a standing desk for kids, you can improve your posture as it keeps your spine aligned, shoulders straight, and helps you stand upright while working.

Standing desks can offer posture improving advantages to individuals of all ages, not just adults.

kids poor postures

Training the Minds of Children

Children between the ages of 4 and 17 in certain regions of the world are experiencing an increase in conditions such as ADHD or ADD. Multiple factors are believed to have a role in this trend. However, it seems that a lifestyle characterized by being predominantly inactive and sitting for prolonged periods may also be a likely cause. This conclusion has been supported by research.

ADHD, ADD, anxiety, and depression are often linked to a sedentary lifestyle and inadequate cognitive challenges.

A standing desk is a great aid for schoolwork as it not only helps enhance mental alertness and improve focus, but also encourages bodily movement, which in turn promotes physical wellness.

There exists a direct correlation between physical activity and the elevated production of endorphins and other ‘happy chemicals’ that can have a positive impact on a child’s overall sense of happiness and contentment. Engaging in regular physical activity has been shown to not only enhance a child’s ability to learn in a school setting, but can also ultimately elevate their quality of life.

A Reduced Chance of Obesity

The present scenario depicts an alarming rise in childhood obesity rates. Reports indicate that around 12.7 million children and teens get affected, translating to approximately 17% of the population. The fact that one in three kids suffers from overweight or obesity reinforces the need for immediate steps to arrest this trend before it spirals out of control.

An essential cause of childhood obesity is insufficient physical activity and frequent sitting, which significantly impacts their health. In light of the extended sedentary hours that school-going children endure, the introduction of standing desks for kids was inevitable.

For instance, the adjustable desk for children made by AOKE has the ability to change height, is available in different colors, and supports objects weighing up to 60 kg.

Using a standing desk has been shown to be an effective way of burning more calories compared to sitting. Furthermore, it also motivates one to take brief exercise breaks, aiding in the expenditure of additional calories.

Studying/Working at a Standing Desk is Fun

Children love novelty and uniqueness, and nothing quite captures their attention like something unconventional. And if you happen to be an instructor to a group of kids who are accustomed to being seated at their desks all day, you’re in for a treat with the standing desk. Although adults may find it mundane, the fact that it can be adjusted in height will surely leave kids in awe.

Increased understanding of a standing children’s desk leads to better student learning and behavior, ultimately resulting in positive outcomes.

Studying/Working at a Standing Desk is Fun

Ergonomic Standing Desks are Ideal for Teachers

Teachers, like students, can profit from using standing desks. As purveyors of knowledge, it’s crucial that they work in a nourishing atmosphere that boosts productivity and imagination. The duty to learn does not stop for teachers; they must continuously refresh their skills and present relevant content in their classes. The process of teaching and learning every day can be arduous.

Standing desks can be a great solution for teachers who want to stay healthy, even with their busy schedules. Just like office workers can benefit from them, teachers can also enjoy the health benefits that come with standing desks. They make it easy to burn calories without having to step away from the desk. There are several advantages that teachers can gain from incorporating standing desks into their daily routines:

Ergonomic Standing Desks are Ideal for Teachers

1. To lead better lessons

Certain educational settings offer lecterns and upright workstations for educators to use during their lessons. Despite its perceived insignificance, having the ability to present while upright can positively influence the way in which the class is led. Utilizing the advantages of standing can increase faculty attentiveness and efficiency when addressing students’ needs.

The implementation of standing desks in classrooms benefits both students and teachers in terms of enhancing learning efficiency. Providing standing desks for both parties can improve the overall classroom experience leading to better class management by teachers.

2. Providing an environment for collaboration between team members

An essential aspect of classroom teaching is to foster collaboration among students. However, this can be a challenging goal to achieve, especially with younger students who are known for their high energy levels and lack of focus. A possible solution to this is to introduce standing desks as they can help burn off excess energy and enhance concentration levels.

By encouraging children to stand while working, we can help them remain focused on the task at hand, as well as avoid feelings of isolation that can occur when sitting for extended periods. When standing, kids gain more space to interact and with the guidance of their teacher, they can collaborate more effectively as a team.

Educators highly value the skill of collaboration, understanding its significance throughout an individual’s lifetime. Therefore, facilitating teamwork and cooperation should be a foremost concern.

What are the Best Options When Choose Kids Standing Desk

So, you’re a school looking to introduce standing desks into your classrooms? Great decision! However, there are few things you should consider before making the big switch.

ergonomic workspace

Size and Space

Firstly, think about the size of your classrooms and the space you have for standing desks. Are you able to accommodate enough desks for all of your students? Will there still be enough room for them to move around comfortably? It’s important to make sure that the desks don’t overcrowd the classroom and prevent students from being able to move freely. Consider the layout of your classroom and how standing desks will fit into the space without creating any disruptions or hazards.

Cost and Maintenance

Another factor to consider is cost and maintenance. Standing desks can range from very affordable to quite expensive, depending on their quality, features, and materials. In general, more expensive standing desks offer greater adaptability and durability, so they may be worth the investment if they’ll be used frequently.

You should also consider maintenance requirements for standing desks. Some may require regular cleaning or lubrication to keep their mechanisms functioning properly. Others may need occasional repairs or replacement parts. Look for desks with warranties or guarantees to ensure that you’ll receive support if any issues arise.

Durability and Stability

Standing desks need to be able to handle the wear and tear of daily use. Look for desks that are made from durable materials and have sturdy frames. Additionally, consider the stability of the desks. You don’t want them wobbling or shaking when students are using them, as this can be a safety hazard.

Storage and Mobility

If you’ll be moving the standing desks around frequently or if you have limited classroom space, consider desks that are easy to move and store. Some standing desks come with wheels or are lightweight enough to be easily lifted and relocated. Others may fold up or collapse for easy storage when not in use.

AOKE offers a large selection of ergonomic and adjustable desks. These desks are designed to make it easy for students to adjust their desk height as well as customize their workspace so they can work and study comfortably in the best possible environment. AOKE desks are available in different sizes, shapes and colors to meet the needs of all students. These desks can be customized to fit any classroom space and meet the needs of any student.

We recommend our three standing desks: Face to Face Standing Desk, Pneumatic Height Adjustable Desk and Single Leg Electric Height Adjustable Desk.

AOKE Face To Face Workstation Frame (AK2YJYT-TYZB2)*2

The AOKE Face To Face Workstation Frame (AK2YJYT-TYZB2)*2 is a four-motor standing desk, a combination electric sit-to-stand desk suitable for multiple people. This standing desk can be perfectly applied to students’ group work and can better promote interactivity among group members.

Moreover, this desk can be flexibly added or reduced to different configurations and shapes depending on the team members.AOKE face-to-face standing desk can be intelligently lifted, alternating between sitting and standing, easy to operate, and restored to a comfortable height with one click. During lifting and lowering, it will bounce back in reverse when encountering obstacles to protect your personal and property safety. Don’t worry about piles of documents, a large desktop is enough to cope with a lot of work.

AOKE Face To Face Workstation Frame (AK2YJYT-TYZB2)*2

AOKE Pneumatic Height Adjustable Desk Frame AK-MR-P20

AOKE Pneumatic Height Adjustable Desk Frame AK-MR-P20 is equipped with four silent pulleys, brake locks, and rubber wheel kicks, so the design will not cause damage to the wooden board even if children rub the board with the legs many times. Frosted texture desktop, rounded corners, anti-collision design to ensure the safety of students. In addition, this standing desk is waterproof, wear-resistant, odorless can be used for a long time.

And this standing desk lift smoothly, within reach and easy to control. Move at will, height adjustable, multi-color selection. And it adopts pneumatic lift, which is environmentally friendly, energy-saving and faster. In addition, it has a small footprint, which can save more space.

AOKE Pneumatic Height Adjustable Desk

AOKE Single leg Electric Height-adjustable Desk AK1E-YZF3

AOKE Single leg Electric Height-adjustable Desk AK1E-YZF3 is a standing desk frame with a single motor driving the entire desk. The stroke is 65-130cm and the lifting speed is 45mm/s.

It is a portable adjustable height desk frame with a very light net weight of 13.5kg. The desk can be placed next to the sofa or bedside and other places that are convenient for users to access. Items such as laptops and mugs can be placed on it, making it suitable for people who often work lightly. The relative lightness also makes this standing desk ideal for students to use in class.

AOKE Single leg Electric Height-adjustable Desk

In addition, we have a lot of standing desks for schools, if you are also interested in this or you want to customize your own standing desk, don’t hesitate to contact us.

customize your own standing desk

AOKE also offers a range of accessories to further customize the desks. These accessories include monitor stand, CPU holder, cable management spine, metal cable tray, and mobile pedestal. With these accessories, kids can customize their workspace to optimize their productivity while studying or doing other tasks.

DIY your workspace

Finally, these standing desks are durable and made of high-quality materials. This means they will withstand long-term wear and tear and provide a safe, comfortable and ergonomic environment for students. Since 2012, AOKE has been producing high-quality products and is committed to providing products that promote healthy posture and active learning in the classroom. In addition, the company offers warranties and technical support for its products. As a result, parents can rest assured that the products they are investing in are both reliable and long-lasting. In addition, AOKE’s standing desks are easy to assemble and require minimal maintenance. In short, if you’re looking for a quality product that promotes a better learning environment in the classroom, AOKE has the perfect option for everyone. So go ahead and invest in an AOKE standing desk today – you won’t regret it! Not only will your child benefit from increased comfort and focus while working at the desk, but you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your investment was worth it.