Single Leg Height Adjustable Desk Frame


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AOKE Single leg Electric Height-adjustable Desk AK1E-YZF3
AK1E-YZF3 is a stand up desk frame that drives the entire table with a single motor.
The stroke is 65-130cm, and the lifting speed is 45mm/s.
This is a portable adjustable height table frame with a net weight of 13.5kg and is very light. The desk frame can be placed beside the sofa or beside the bed and other convenient places for users to reach. Above which can be placed laptop computers, coffee cups, and other items, suitable for people who often light office.

general features

    • Column Tube Shape:Square
    • Height Range:630-1280mm
    • Digital Display Height:65-130cm
    • Board Size:Φ750mm
    • Feet Size:500*500mm
    • Bracket:600mm
    • Max Loading:60kg
    • Speed:45mm/s
    • Net Weight:13.5kg
    • Gross Weight:14kg
    • Package Dimension:855*505*185mm
    • Input Voltage:110v-240v
    • Sound Level:50dB

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