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Creating a healthy work environment requires cooperation and effort from both companies and employees. By jointly promoting healthy behaviors and practices and fostering a culture of health and happiness, everyone can benefit.

Tips on what can companies do to Create a Healthy Working Environment

Invest in Standing Desk Furniture

Many people choose to purchase standing desks primarily because they allow for sitting and standing alternation while working, reducing the health risks associated with prolonged sitting. Sitting consumes less energy compared to standing or moving around, which may lead to increased blood pressure, abnormal blood sugar levels, excessive accumulation of waist fat, and abnormal cholesterol levels, as well as an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer, akin to chronic suicide. Conversely, standing while working can increase concentration and promote overall blood circulation.

Encourage employees to take breaks.

Encouraging employees to take regular breaks and engage in physical activity to avoid long periods of continuous work is crucial. Providing flexible work hours and brief breaks during work intervals is important as well. For example, setting aside 1hour -1.5 hours for lunch breaks during office hours allows employees’ minds and bodies to relax deeply, thereby enhancing afternoon productivity.

Correct use of ergonomic office equipment.

The ergonomic industry in China started relatively late, and many companies are unable to provide ergonomic office products to employees due to weak awareness of office health and inadequate purchasing efforts. According to industry statistics reports in 2023, the market penetration rate is only about 2%, indicating a generally low level. Even if some companies offer ergonomic products, employees lack awareness of their use. Therefore, companies can organize events like Health Week to provide relevant training and guidance, cultivating correct sitting and standing postures among employees. Only by using ergonomic products correctly can potential physical injuries and discomfort be minimized to the greatest extent.

Establishing health promotion programs and activities.

In addition to regular health check-ups, exercise, and dietary guidance activities, collaboration with hospitals can be established to conduct health events. On April 12, 2024, Aoke collaborated with local medical institutions to organize a free clinic event for all employees in the park. As a company dedicated to ergonomic solutions, Aoke actively assists employees in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and physical condition.

Establish an open and supportive work environment.

An open office environment is more conducive to communication among employees, allowing them to brainstorm and quickly solve problems when faced with challenges. This enhances the vitality of the entire office environment and boosts employees’ passion for work. Encouraging mutual cooperation and support among employees helps reduce work pressure and feelings of anxiety, promoting job satisfaction and happiness.