Victory hinges on a moment; desk height seals the deal.

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Haven’t tried gaming while standing yet? You definitely should—it’s a whole new experience. Game like a pro with top-tier equipment, battling fiercely in the gaming world. A spacious tabletop can accommodate multiple monitors and other peripherals, while a single-side under-desk drawer keeps your surface clutter-free.

The smoothness and stain resistance of the desk surface are key to maintaining high operational standards. The AK-DJ10-YZF2-M02 features 3D carbon texture laminated panels with ergonomic beveled edges that are super comfortable and leave no pressure marks on your hands. The curved design lets your body get closer to the desk, reducing waist fatigue. Whether engaged in intense battles or immersed in open-world adventures, the design of this product won’t hold you back.

The desk legs are the second core of the entire standing desk: dual motors that are stable and can support up to 100KG, with three-stage legs keeping the height range elastic between 71-117cm. Even in limited spaces, it ensures cleanliness under the desk.

The under-desk embedded controller allows one-touch height adjustment, making it easy to operate. The height limit feature protects valuable items from collision, while the two memory modes, along with USB and Type-C charging ports, allow you to charge devices while gaming. The side controller adjusts the shelf height, ensuring the best viewing angle.

Customize with accessories to perfectly meet your needs: 1. Monitor arm for adjustable screen angles; 2. Rotating cup holder to prevent spills; 3. Headphone hook for convenient storage. The RGB side lighting enhances the gaming atmosphere.

Aoke’s gaming standing desk is an excellent investment for any gamer or professional player. Its electric height adjustment, spacious tabletop, and sturdy build quality make it an ideal gaming companion. With everything conveniently within reach, you can even customize the main desk to create a unique gaming space. It’s time to upgrade your gaming experience.