Customized Office Hand Crank Standing Desk Frame


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AOKE Hand Crank Standing Desk Frame AK2YJHT-AJ-E
This adjustable standing desk base rotates the vertical gear through the handle to drive the rotation of the horizontal gear, and then the rotation of the horizontal gear drives the vertical screw rod (screw) in the lifting column to rotate, so as to realize the lifting of the lifting column.
It is convenient and simple to use, very suitable for those who want to buy a standing desk but don’t have a high budget or who don’t like electric height adjustable desk frames.
Ordinary classic, retro design makes its temperament online, low-cost, but also full-featured, good quality.

General Features

    • Column Tube Shape:Rectangle
    • Height Range:690-1130mm
    • Frame Size:1150-1600mm
    • Feet Length:700mm
    • Bracket:600mm
    • Max Loading:80kg
    • Speed:6.12mm/r

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