China Crank Adjustable Sit to Stand Desk Steel Frame


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AOKE Manual Height Adjustable Desk Frame AK2YJHT-Y-A-H
With this height adjustable table base, you can switch from sitting to standing by turning the handle. The height ranges from 23″ to 37″. Everyone can find their favorite working height for maximum comfort, which is helpful to improve focus, mood, energy, and more!
Thanks to the durable manual crank, the lifting process is smooth and easy.
The price is relatively cheap, and no electricity is needed to adjust the desk height, which is economical and environmentally friendly.
The weight is lighter than the electric one, and the position can be moved arbitrarily.

General Features

    • Column Tube Shape: Rectangle
    • Height Range:690-1130mm
    • Frame Size:1150-1600mm
    • Feet Length:700mm
    • Bracket:600mm
    • Max Loading:80kg
    • Speed:6.12mm/r

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