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2-Stage Rectangle Column Tube manual crank standing desk frame (Pipe Hole Hiding)AK02YJHT-Y-A-L
Designed with a slightly lower profile to cater to various ergonomic needs and preferences.
Easily adjust the desk height using the manual crank, allowing for smooth transitions between sitting and standing positions. This manual operation ensures precision and ease of use.
Supports ergonomic practices by enabling easy height adjustments, helping to alleviate discomfort associated with long periods of sitting or standing.

General Features

    • Column Tube Shap:Rectangle
    • Height Range:585-875mm
    • Frame Size:1150-1600mm
    • Feet Length:550-600mm
    • Rated Loading:80kg
    • Speed: 6.12mm/r
    • Package Dimension:1205*335*265mm
    • Color: Black/White/Grey

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