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2-Stage Reversed Rectangle Column Tube manual crank standing desk frame (Pipe Hole Hiding)AK02YJHT-Y-AJ-H
This model stands out with its reversed rectangle column design and practical features, ensuring a comfortable and efficient working environment.
The reversed rectangle column design offers enhanced stability and durability. This two-stage construction supports various height adjustments while maintaining a robust and reliable structure.
Encourage healthy posture changes and reduce the risks associated with prolonged sitting or standing. The desk frame supports ergonomic practices, enhancing overall comfort and productivity.
    • Column Tube Shape: Rectangle
    • Height Range:690-1130mm
    • Frame Size:1150-1600mm
    • Feet Length:550-600mm
    • Rated Loading:80kg
    • Speed: 6.12mm/r
    • Package Dimension:1205*335*265mm
    • Color: Black/White/Grey

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