Single Motor Standing Desk


This series product is a 2-level 2-column single-motor standing desk frame, and only a single motor drives the two legs of the table frame to move up and down. However, due to the single motor drive, the maximum lifting speed of this series of adjustable tables is 25mm/s.

Although the moving speed of the single-motor stand up desk frame is slower, its load-bearing capacity is 100kg, and multiple monitors and other office supplies can be placed on the desktop. It is very suitable for young people or office workers who work at home.

In addition, the rest of the core functions are no different from other electric sit stand desk frames. Regardless of whether it is a single-motor or dual-motor standing desk frame, they can preset four sets of memory heights. Later, you just press the handset button to automatically adjust the height.

Purchasing Aoke’s stand up desk base allows you to upgrade your table to a more ergonomic adjustable desk without replacing the original table. The new working style allows you to easily switch between sitting and standing work, keeping your body away from cervical and lumbar pain. Every one to two hours, just press the up or down height adjustment button, or the preset height number button can adjust the height of the desk, thereby improving your work efficiency.

Taking into account the convenience of installation, the desktop and frame are designed as an integrated structure, and nuts are embedded. After the customer purchases, they only need to tighten the screws.

Aoke is a single-motor sit stand desk base manufacturer in China with 10 years of production experience. Choosing Aoke means choosing first-class product quality and secure after-sales service. If you are interested in our stand desk frames, please send us an inquiry, and our salesperson will reply to you with more detailed product information.


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