4 Leg Standing Desk Frame


If you want to put multiple monitors or heavy equipment on the desktop, and you are worried that the electric table frame is not strong enough to bear the weight, then you can consider our 4 leg standing desk frame. Compared with the single-motor standing desk frame and the dual-motor standing desk frame, the weight of each leg of the 4 leg height adjustable frame is 120 kg. This series of products can make you feel a greater lifting force and a more stable lifting system.

Want to turn your big office desk into a sit-stand desk? Aoke’s electronic lifting system can be easily retrofitted to almost any desktop and is designed to support larger and heavier workstations while maximizing stability. If you want to convert your conference table into a standing desk, you can consult our engineers for more information, and we will provide you with specific customized solutions based on different desks.


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