Semi Quick Assembling Dual-Motor Standing Desk


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Semi Quick Assembling Dual-Motor Standing Desk AK2YJKT-TYZB3
AK2YJKT-TYZB3 is a new model of semi quickly-assembled dual-motor standing desk. Between the standard model and the quick-assembling model, the desk frame structure is optimized. The brackets and the columns adopt the installation method of the quick-assembling model, which greatly improves the installation speed. It adopts conventional feet and is suitable for all types of columns, providing users with a wider range of choices.

General Features

  • Height Range: 640-1290mm
  • Frame Range: 1095-1800mm
  • Speed: 40mm/s
  • Load Capacity: 120kg
  • Sound Level: ≤50dB
  • Net Weight: 28.5kg
  • Gross Weight: 31kg
  • Color: Black/White/Grey
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