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3-Stage Square Column Tube Dual Motor Standing Desk Frame  AK2YJYT-TYZF3
The 3-stage square column tube ensures a wider range of height adjustment, catering to various user needs from sitting to standing with optimal comfort and precision.
Powered by a dual motor system, the AK2YJYT-TYZF3 provides smooth and quiet transitions, allowing you to effortlessly adjust your desk height without any disruptions.
Incorporating this standing desk frame into your office setup promotes better posture, reduces the risk of chronic health issues associated with prolonged sitting, and enhances overall productivity.

General Features

    • Column Tube Shape:Square
    • Height Range: 640-1290mm
    • Frame Range: 1075-1800mm
    • Feet Length:550-600mm
    • Speed: 38mm/s
    • Rated Loading: 120kg
    • Package Dimension:1130*285*195mm
    • Color: Black/White/Grey

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