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AOKE Pneumatic Standing Desk Frame AK-MR-P07-4
AK-MR-P07-4 is a pneumatic standing desk frame, preferably imported damping pneumatic assisted lifting, pressing the adjustment handle, it can be raised to any height, and it will stop when you release it. The operation is simple, and the effect of smooth adjustment can be achieved, which meets the daily use of the office and family.
The stable load-bearing capacity can reach 100kg in a static state. The desktop has undergone 20,000 fatigue tests and has a long service life.
The corners of the desk have been polished through multiple processes, which are comfortable to the touch, waterproof, wear-resistant, and odorless.
Open table legs, large space for feet to move, beautiful and practical.

General Features

    • Column Tube Shape:Square
    • Height Range:705-1055mm
    • Frame Size:1060.4mm
    • Feet Length:549.1mm
    • Bracket:420mm
    • Load Capacity:Static 100kg(Frame Only)/ Dynamic 13kg(Frame Only)
    • Net Weight:30.5kg
    • Gross Weight:38kg
    • Package Dimension:1285*760*207mm

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