Which One Is Best: Single Motor VS Dual Motor Standing Desk

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At present, electric standing desks on the market are mainly single-motor and dual-motor, both of which meet the ergonomic requirements and can meet the normal needs of users for lifting.

Choosing between a dual motor or single motor standing desk can be sort of tricky, especially if you’re not conversant with their points of differentiation.

Single-motor standing desk, the motor is installed on one side of the table leg, and the other side of the table leg is driven up and down by the transmission bar.

The dual motor standing desk is equipped with motors on both sides, and the table legs can be raised and lowered synchronously through the control box.

We can’t simply judge the quality of single and dual motor standing desk frames, as there are many factors that need to be considered when faced with the choice. These factors include aesthetics, load capacity, adjustment speed, cost, assembly and maintenance, and more.

Under the same conditions, single motor vs dual motor

This article explores key differences between the two while comparing Aoke’s AK2YJYT-AJ-TES2 (single-motor frames) and Aoke’s AK2YJYT-TYZB3 (dual-motor frames) so you can understand which is better for your current home office setup and personal needs.

The Aesthetics of Standing Desks

Single-motor Standing DeskDual-motor Standing Desk
single motor standing desk meets basic healthy working needsdual motor standing desk can provide you better ergonomic working style

As shown, the motor of the single-motor standing desk is exposed and noticeable, while the dual-standing desks’ motors are concealed within rectangular boxes located above each leg column. Instead of using one large and super powerful motor, dual-motor frames use two smaller and less powerful motors that can fit each leg’s width, translating to a more aesthetically pleasing and minimalist design.

That’s not to say single-motor height adjustable standing desks are necessarily ugly. It still has a simple and elegant design, it’s just that the dual motor sit-stand desk’s hidden motor makes it a sleeker and more attractive option.

Load Capacity And Adjustment Speed

Single-motor Standing DeskDual-motor Standing Desk
The maximum load bearing capacity of a single motor desk frame is 100kgThe maximum load bearing capacity of a dual motor standing desk frame is 120kg
Load capacity and adjustment speed are often interrelated.

The lifting of the single-motor height adjustable desk frames is completely supported by the power of the main leg motor, and the lifting of the auxiliary leg is controlled by the rotation of the transmission bar. While the dual motor height adjustable desk frames are controlled by the control box to raise and lower the legs synchronously, making the operation more stable.

Double motor sit stand desk frames generally have higher load capacity, faster adjustment speed, and better stability than single-motor ones.

Therefore, your choice of a single-motor or dual-motor standing desk should be based on your desktop weight requirements and preferred adjustment speed as a reference.

Assembly And Maintenance

Single-motor Standing DeskDual-motor Standing Desk
single motor sit stand desk installation stepsdual motor sit stand desk installation steps
the motor of single motor height adjustable deskthe motor of dual motor height adjustable sit stand desk

In terms of assembly, single-motor standing desk frames require high-precision assembly, since their two table legs share the motor and also need to align the hexagonal rods, which are easy for beginners to install out of place, resulting in the desk frame not functioning properly.

The standing desk frame dual motors have a built-in motor in each leg, just fix the two table legs and the beam, and there is no need for redundant installation steps. Assembly is much simpler and there is less room for error.

In terms of maintenance, the loss of the single-motor is greater than that of a dual-motor under the same conditions, so the service life of the dual-motor standing desks is better than that of the single-motor ones, and the cost of maintaining the dual-motor standing desks is lower.

After the warranty period, once faced with the problem of replacing the motor and other components, the external motor on the single-motor standing desk frame is easier to replace. Since the motors of the dual-motor desk frame are internal, their maintenance will be relatively difficult. So that means you may need to spend more time repairing your dual-motor desk frame.


It is obvious that a single-motor standing desk frame is more affordable than a dual-motor frame. Essentially, while dual-motor standing desk frames offer several advantages (both in appearance and performance) if cost is more of a concern, a single-motor standing desk frame is ideal.


Single Motor Frames (AK2YJYT-AJ-TES2)Dual Motor Frames (AK2YJYT-TYZB3)
Leg Stage2-Stage3-Stage
Height Range710-1120mm (27.9″ -44.1″)640-1290mm (25.2″ – 50.8″)
Max Loading100kg (220 lbs)120kg (265 lbs)
Sound Level≤50dB≤50dB
Warranty5 years for frame;5 years for motor, control box & handset5 years for frame;5 years for motor, control box & handset
ActuatorThe actuator is certified and supplied by Timotion.The actuator is certified and supplied by Timotion.

2-Stage And 3-Stage Design

The AK2YJYT-AJ-TES2 single-motor model has a 2-stage column, while the AK2YJYT-TYZB3 dual-motor desk frame is a 3-stage column. This means that the 3-stage column of the AK2YJYT-TYZB3 has an extra actuator stage built into the column, giving it a larger vertical adjustment range than the 2-stage model. The AK2YJYT-TYZB3 is ideal if you’re looking for a height-adjustable standing desk, thanks to its 3-stage design.

Height Range

Aoke’s AK2YJYT-AJ-TES2 single-motor standing desk frame offers a fully adjustable standing experience from 27.9″ -44.1″. It’s suitable for users of medium height. The dual-motor standing desk frame AK2YJYT-TYZB3 has an adjustable height range of 25.2″ – 50.8″. Therefore, it is suitable for a wider range of users. So, if you are considering a standing desk with a larger height range, Aoke’s AK2YJYT-TYZB3 is the most suitable option.

Frame Size

Aoke’s AK2YJYT-AJ-TES2 frame size can be extended to 1150-1600mm (45.3″ – 63″), AK2YJYT-TYZB3’s frame size is 1075-1800mm (42.3″ – 70.9″), so if you are looking for a desk frame that can fit a larger size desktop, then AK2YJYT-TYZB3 is your ideal choice.


AK2YJYT-AJ-TES2 and AK2YJYT-TYZB3 models are made of cold-rolled steel, so they are very stable, durable, and not easy to deform. Both models assure you of high-quality stability, even at the highest setting. Because the dual-motor system powers each leg with two motors, greatly increasing overall weight capacity while maximizing stability, speed, smoothness, silence, and strength. Overall, it is superior in performance to the single-motor system. If you are more after stability, you can consider the model AK2YJYT-TYZB3.

Weight Capacity, Lift Speed And Noise

If your workstation has bulky equipment, you have to consider the weight capacity of your desk. As mentioned earlier, the ddual motor adjustable desk frames have a higher lift capacity than the single motor models. The AK2YJYT-AJ-TES2 single-motor desk frame has a lifting capacity of 220 lbs, compared to AK2YJYT-TYZB3’s lifting capacity of 265 lbs. Therefore, the dual-motor frame is best for users with more items and higher weight loads on their desktop. In terms of lift speed, the AK2YJYT-TYZB3 dual-motor desk frame is a little bit faster than the AK2YJYT-AJ-TES2 single-motor frame. The lift speed of the AK2YJYT-AJ-TES2 is 0.98 “/sec, while the lift speed of the AK2YJYT-TYZB3 is 1.57 “/sec. As for the noise, the AK2YJYT-AJ-TES2 and AK2YJYT-TYZB3 models all have adjustment sounds less than 50 decibels. The whisper-like movement allows you to adjust the desks’ height without making annoying sounds.


Pricing is another key deciding factor. A dual-motor desk tends to cost more, but for that, you get greater power, speed, and durability than with a single motor. If you are on a budget, a single-motor desk frame such as AK2YJYT-AJ-TES2 is also a cost-effective option.


All the aforementioned Aoke Desk Frames i.e. AK2YJYT-AJ-TES2 and AK2YJYT-TYZB3 come with a five-year warranty for the desk frame, as well as a five-year warranty for the motor, control box, and handset. For all the models, the actuators are certified and supplied by Timotion.

After reading the above articles, is it helped you how to choose a single or double-motor desk frame?

The decision to choose a single-motor or dual-motor standing desk frame is entirely up to you. When choosing the ideal desk frame, you may want to consider factors such as office layout, user height, adjustment speed, and load capacity. Of course, the budget will also be the ultimate factor.

If you are looking for the ultimate experience or care more about performance and functionality, a dual-motor desk frame with a larger adjustment range, faster adjustment speed, greater load-bearing capacity, and more stable lifting is a very worthwhile investment.

If you are more concerned about the price, the single-motor desk frame will be your ideal choice. While they rarely have the same weight capability as dual motors, their lift speeds are more consistent.

If you’re considering Aoke’s desk frame, the AK2YJYT-AJ-TES2 and AK2YJYT-TYZB3 should be your top choices. They are of high quality and durable, allowing you to enjoy excellent ergonomics in the office.

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