AOKE High-Speed Dual-Motor 2-stage Standing Desk


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AOKE High-Speed Dual-Motor 3-stage Standing Desk AK2YJYT-TYZB2P
The high-speed standing desk is technologically innovative on the basis of the conventional model, which can realize rapid raising and lowering.
The lifting speed has been raised to 48mm/s, which is much quicker than the conventional desk.

General Features

  • Column Tube Shape:Rectangle
  • Height Range:690-1150mm
  • Digital Display Height:710-1170mm
  • Frame Size:1100-1900mm
  • Feet Length:700mm
  • Bracket:600mm
  • Max Loading:80kg
  • Speed:48mm/s
  • Net Weight:≈22.5kg
  • Gross Weight:≈25kg
  • Package Dimension:1075*315*220mm
  • Sound Level:≤50dB

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