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AOKE Crank Adjustable Desk Frame AK2YJHRT-A-Y-SE
An easy-crank design allows for smooth, effortless height adjustment throughout the day.
Breakfast in bed? Work in your pajamas? Your options are limitless with this manual standing desk.
Enjoy smooth and easy sit/stand transitions in the comfort of your loft — the plugless crank style is perfect for tight spaces with few electrical outlets.
It is ergonomically designed to support any lifestyle and is a long-term investment for your health and mood.

General Features

    • Column Tube Shape:Round
    • Height Range:690-1130mm
    • Frame Size:1150-1600mm
    • Feet Length:700mm
    • Bracket:600mm
    • Max Loading:80kg
    • Speed:16.7mm/s

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