Standing Desktop


Aoke manufactures a variety of desk products and accessories, including electric standing desk converters, pneumatic standing desk converters, monitor stands, etc. You can click to view a detailed product introduction.

The electric sit stand desk frame is more convenient for users to operate, only the height needs to be set in advance. When you want to adjust the height, you can press the button or the remote control, and the table will automatically rise to a fixed height. Of course, if you want to adjust to an arbitrary height, you only need to long press the up button or down button and the table frame will start to move. When the desk adjusts to the height you want, just release the button to stop the movement.

Electric Sit Stand Desk Converter

The standing desk converter, also known as a standing desk riser, is a product that is placed on the desk to change the way of working, allowing you to work while standing. Motorized standing desk converters are a more favorable option, providing a more ergonomic working solution.

Pneumatic Height Adjustable Desk Converter

The pneumatic standing table converter has a lever-controlled gas cylinder and is the fastest adjustable table type. Compared with other manual stand up desk converters, pneumatic standing desk converters can rise the height of the table with less effort, but when lowering the height of the table, you need to force the table to be pressed down.

Monitor Arms for Standing Desk

The adjustable monitor arm can be used for a fixed height or standing desk, which is an excellent way to achieve an ergonomic working style. The monitor desk mount allows you to place the computer screen at any position and angle, thereby keeping their shoulders, neck, and back away from pain.


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